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Reinventing the Self under Socialism

Migrant Male Sex Workers ("Money Boys") in China

Travis S.K. Kong

Volume 44, Number 2 - June 2012

Remembering Maurice Meisner, 1931–2012

Volume 44, Number 2 - June 2012

Remembering to Forget

Jacqui Baker, Australian National University

Volume 46, Number 1 - March 2014

Representing Women in Chinese Village Self-Government

A New Perspective on Gender, Representation, and Democracy

Tamara Jacka and Sally Sargeson

Volume 47, Number 4 - December 2015

Reshaping History

The Pan Asian View on Merdeka

Jeff Kingston

Volume 33, Number 3 - September 2001

Resisting Marriage and Renouncing Womanhood

Hillary Crane

Volume 36, Number 2 - June 2004

Restructuring and the Historical Fate of China's Working Class

A Report on an Investigation into the Tongyu Textile Group of Jiangsu

Wang Hui

Volume 40, Number 2 - June 2008

Rethinking Asian Mobilities

Socialist Migration and Post-Socialist Repatriation of Vietnamese Contract Workers in East Germany

Christina Schwenkel

Volume 46, Number 2 - June 2014

Rethinking Japanese American "Heritage" in the Homeland

Ayako Takamori

Volume 42, Number 2 - June 2010


Wayne Karlin, Wandering Souls: Journeys with the Dead and the Living in Vietnam

Marilyn B. Young

Volume 42, Number 2 - June 2010

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