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Parallel Lives

A Conversation between Hwang Suk-young and Bao Ninh Two Veterans of the Vietnam War

Charles K. Armstrong and Clara Lee

Volume 33, Number 3 - September 2001

Patronage and Class in Urban Pakistan

Modes of Labor Control in the Contractor Economy

Aasim Sajjad Akhtar

Volume 43, Number 2 - June 2011

Payoffs, Parties, or Policies

“Money Politics” and Electoral Authoritarian Resilience in Malaysia

Meredith L. Weiss

Volume 48, Number 1 - March 2016

Peace as a North Korean Human Right

Paul Liem

Volume 46, Number 1 - March 2014

Peace Building without Using the Word "Peace"

National NGOs' Reputational Management Strategies during a Peace–to–War Transition in Sri Lanka

Oliver Walton

Volume 44, Number 3 - September 2012

Peasant Migrant Workers and Social Reproduction

Between Informal Wage Work and Smallholdings in Post-Mao China

Thomas Jakobsen

Volume 50, Number 2 - June 2018

Performing Media-Constructed Images for First-Class Citizenship

Political Struggles of Rural Migrant Hostesses in Dalian

Tiantian Zheng

Volume 39, Number 1 - March 2007

Peter Gowan's “American Grand Strategy”

An Asian Regional Perspective

Marika Vicziany

Volume 37, Number 1 - March 2005

Picturing Violence

Anti-Politics and The Act of Killing

Leslie K. Dwyer, George Mason University

Volume 46, Number 1 - March 2014

Playing Base Politics in a Global Strategic Theater

Futenma Relocation, the G-8 Summit, and Okinawa

Julia Yonetani

Volume 33, Number 1 - March 2001

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