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Power, Politics, and Primitivism

West Papua's Struggle for Self-Determination

Brad Simpson

Volume 35, Number 3 - September 2003


Giovanni Arrighi

Volume 40, Number 2 - June 2008


Marilyn B. Young

Volume 40, Number 2 - June 2008

Predicting China's Political Future

The Risky Business of Betting Against the Chinese Communist Party

John W. Tai

Volume 48, Number 4 - December 2016


Marriage Migration in Southeast and East Asia Revisited through a Migration-Development Nexus Lens

Chinsung Chung, Keuntae Kim, and Nicola Piper

Volume 48, Number 4 - December 2016

President Jokowi and the 2014 Obor Rakyat Controversy in Indonesia

Adam Tyson and Budi Purnomo

Volume 49, Number 1 - March 2017

President Sukarno and the September 30th Movement

John Roosa

Volume 40, Number 1 - March 2008

Prisoner of Love

Sexual Violence on Thai Television

Rebecca Townsend

Volume 48, Number 4 - December 2016

Private Authority and Disaster Relief

The Cases of Post-Tsunami Aceh and Nias

Chhandasi Pandya

Volume 38, Number 2 - June 2006

Prospects of Economic Transformation

Reflections on China and Socialism

Zhu Dongli; Rebecca E. Karl translator

Volume 37, Number 3 - September 2005

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