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Robo Sapiens Japanicus

Humanoid Robots and the Posthuman Family

Jennifer Robertson

Volume 39, Number 3 - September 2007

Sacred Cows and Crashing Boars

Ethno-Religious Minorities and the Politics of Online Representation in Malaysia

Susan Leong

Volume 44, Number 1 - March 2012

Saradindu Bandyopadhyay

Introduction and Two Short Stories

Brian A. Hatcher, translator

Volume 34, Number 3 - September 2002

Saving Asia's Environment

James D. Seymour

Volume 35, Number 2 - June 2003

Says Tuka…

Songs of a Radical Bhakta

Gail Omvedt and Bharat Patankar

Volume 35, Number 2 - June 2003

Scorched Earth

Legacies of Chemical Warfare in Vietnam

Moss Roberts

Volume 44, Number 4 - December 2012

Scorched Earth, Black Snow

Britain and Australia in the Korean War

Michael Munk

Volume 44, Number 1 - March 2012

Secret Intelligence and Escape Clauses

Australia and the Indonesian Annexation of East Timor, 1963-76

Paul M. Monk

Volume 33, Number 2 - June 2001

Sex Work and Slavery in Asia

Does the Market Set the Captives Free?

Kathleen M. Nadeau

Volume 34, Number 1 - March 2002

Sexual Politics as a Justification for Mass Murder in The Act of Killing

Saskia E. Wieringa, University of Amsterdam

Volume 46, Number 1 - March 2014

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