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The Sacrifice of a Schoolgirl

The 1995 Rape Case,Discourses of Power, and Women's Lives in Okinawa

Linda Isako Angst

Volume 33, Number 2 - June 2001

The Silence of the Bullet Monument

Violence and “Truth” Management, Dusun-nyor 1948, and Kru-Ze

Satha-Anand Chaiwat

Volume 38, Number 1 - March 2006

The Small Voice of Socialism

Kerala, Once Again

Vijay Prashad

Volume 33, Number 2 - June 2001

The Social Imperative of Pacifism in Postwar Japan

Shimizu Ikutarō and the Uchinada Movement

Rikki Kersten

Volume 38, Number 3 - September 2006

The State of Malaysian Studies

Sheila Nair

Volume 37, Number 1 - March 2005

The Transnational Construction of “National Allegory”

China and the cultural politics of postcolonial Indonesia

Hong Liu

Volume 38, Number 3 - September 2006

The Tribal-Forest Nexus in Law and Society in India

The Tribal-Forest Nexus in Law and Society in India: Conflicting Narratives

Bert Suykens

Volume 41, Number 3 - September 2009

The Two-Wars Doctrine and the Regional Arms Race

Contradictions in U.S. Post-Cold War Security Policy in Northeast Asia

Jae-Jung Suh

Volume 35, Number 1 - March 2003

The U.S. "War On Drugs" in Afghanistan

Reality or Pretext?

Julien Mercille

Volume 43, Number 2 - June 2011

The U.S. War on Drugs

Wasteful and Counterproductive

Bertil Lintner

Volume 36, Number 1 - March 2004

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