Critical Asian Studies (launched in 1968 as the Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars) is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes scholarly articles and other materials that challenge the accepted formulas for understanding the Asia and Pacific regions, the world, and ourselves.

Current Issue: Vol. 48, No. 4 (December 2016)

Thematic Issue: Rethinking Marriage Migration in Asia:
Development, Gender and Transnationalism
, Part I


Marriage Migration in Southeast and East Asia
Revisited through a Migration-Development Nexus Lens

– Chinsung Chung, Keuntae Kim, and Nicola Piper


Marriage Migration, Migrant Precarity, and Social Reproduction in Asia:
An Overview

– Nicola Piper and Sohoon Lee

Marriage Migration, Single Men, and Social Reproduction in Migrants' Communities of Origin in Vietnam
– Danièle Bélanger

Revaluing Marital Immigrants: Educated Professionalism and Precariousness among Chinese Spouses in Taiwan
– Sara L. Friedman

General Articles

Official and Unrecognized Narratives of Recovery
in Post Conflict Aceh, Indonesia

– Jesse Hession Grayman

Evicting Heritage: Spatial Cleansing and Cultural Legacy
at the Hampi UNESCO Site in India

– Natalia Bloch

Prisoner of Love: Sexual Violence on Thai Television
– Rebecca Townsend

Book Review Essays

Beneath the Miracle: Corruption, Sex, and Truth in Post-Mao China
– Alvin Y. So

Predicting China's Political Future:
The Risky Business of Betting Against the Chinese Communist Party

– John W. Tai

Cosmopolitanism, Marginality, Prokem:
Benedict Anderson's A Life Beyond Boundaries

– Patricio N. Abinales

Note from the Editor and a Call for Papers: Asia in Africa
– Robert J. Shepherd

Forthcoming Articles

Migrant Precarity and Human Rights Advocacy
for Marriage Migrants in South Korea
– Daisy Kim

Returning Home: Marriage Migrants' Legal Precarity
and the Experience of Divorce
– Hyun-Mee Kim, Shinhye Park and Ariun Shukhertei

The Evolution of Transnational Families: Bi-National Marriages
between Japanese Women and Pakistani Men
– Masako Kudo

A Grammar of Emergence: Culture and the State in the Post Tsunami Resettlement of Burgher Women of Batticoloa, Sri Lanka
– Neloufer de Mel

Three Islamist Generations, One Islamic State:
The Darul Islam Movement and Indonesian Social Transformations
– Andi Rahman Alamsyah and Vedi Hadiz