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Volume 51, No. 1 (March 2019)

Education, Urbanization, and the Politics of Space on the Tibetan Plateau, Part II


Urbanization, education, and the politics of space on the Tibetan plateau

Emily T. Yeh and Charlene Makley

“I am concerned with the future of my children:” the project economy and shifting views of schooling in a Tibetan pastoral community  

Huatse Gyal

Housing subsidy projects in Amdo: modernity, governmentality, and income disparity in Tibetan areas of China

Duojie Zhaxi


Faith in forgiveness? Exploring conversions to Christianity within a former Khmer Rouge community

Peter Manning, Keo Duong, and Daniel Kilburn

The Vietnam women’s movement for the right to live: a non-communist opposition movement to the American war in Vietnam

An Thuy Nguyen

The dark underbelly of land struggles: the instrumentalization of female activism and emotional resistance in Cambodia

Anne Hennings

Research in Action

“Bribery with Chinese Characteristics” and the use of Guanxi to obtain admission to prestigious secondary schools in urban China 

Ji Ruan

Book Reviews

Mapping sacred space: Two studies on the making of the religious in globalizing Asia

Gareth Fisher

Japan’s Robotic Future

Tomomi Yamaguchi

Previous Issue:

Urbanization, and the Politics of Space on the Tibetan Plateau, Part I


Tibetan Translocalities: Navigating urban opportunities and new ways of belonging in Tibetan pastoral communities in China (Eveline Washul)

Translating Ecological Migration Policy: A conjunctural analysis of Tibetan pastoralist resettlement in China (Tsering Bum)

Hyperbuilding the civilized city: Ethnicity and marginalization in eastern Tibet (Andrew Grant)                                                                                                           


Securing Hong Kong’s identity in the colonial past: Strategic essentialisms and the Umbrella Movement (John Lowe and Eileen Yuk-Ha Tsang)

The making of national robot history in Japan: Monozukuri, enculturation and cultural lineage of robots (Mateja Kovavic)

Speaking from ground zero: The bombing of North Korea in 1950 (Su-kyoung Hwang)

Counter-Mapping against oil palm plantations: Reclaiming village territory in Indonesia with the 2014 Village Law (Rosanne de Vos) 

Book Reviews

Indonesia’s mass killings of 1965-1966: Retrospective and requiem (Faizah Binte Zakaria)

A colony by any other name: The cultural politics of development in Tibet (Kevin Caricco

Red Bangkok?  Exploring political struggles in the Thai capital (Saowanee Alexander)

Himalayan Apocalypse (James Seymour)

Cover IMAGE RCRA 51.1.jpg

Drawing by an anonymous Tibetan artist depicting the impact of the xiangmu (”project”) economy on Tibetan life, 2018.