Formerly the Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars

Critical Asian Studies


Critical Asian Studies (formerly the Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars) is a peer-reviewed quarterly journal that welcomes submissions about all areas of Asia and the Pacific, particularly those that challenge the accepted formulas for understanding these regions, the world, and ourselves. Published now by Taylor & Francis, Critical Asian Studies remains true to the mission that was articulated for the journal upon its establishment in 1967 by the Committee of Concerned Asian Scholars:

  • to develop a humane and knowledgeable understanding of Asian societies and their efforts to maintain cultural integrity and to confront such problems as poverty, oppression, and imperialism.

  • to create alternatives to the prevailing trends in scholarship on Asia, which too often spring from a parochial cultural perspective and serve selfish interests and expansionism. 


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Please visit our news and commentary pages for our latest postings, our contents page for a description of our current print edition, and our CCAS page for a history of the Committee of Concerned Asian Scholars. To access and download CAS articles in print, visit our Taylor & Francis homepage.




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